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Friday, May 21, 2010

Persembahan Silat Lincah

This photograph is taken during Septechs Sport Day(SMT Sepang, My Ex-School 2008/2009) on
10 March 2010(Long Time Ago, but still In This year)

This Photo Was captured by My Nikon D300s with Micro Nikkor AF-S 105mm f/2.8 G ED, because i don't have any Super or fast Telephoto Lens that can wide open aperture at f/2.8 that can archived maximum shutter speed at 1/1000s or higher that can freeze motion...

I Set It To manual mode, High Continuous about 8 FPS and 51 Autofocus 3D tracking

One of the aspects of culture normally associated with the Malays is the practice and art of self–defence techniques called "silat". This very graceful martial art is inherent to the Malays of Malaysia and some parts of Indonesia.

The Malay silat, "Silat Lincah" as a self-defence technique, has many variations and forms based on the different locations it originates from and the masters who established them.

i Know about Sligtly wrong about the horizon, yes it very Fast Action on moving

Enjoy The Photograph =)

Persembahan Silat Lincah

Persembahan Silat Lincah

Persembahan Silat Lincah

Persembahan Silat Lincah

Persembahan Silat Lincah

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